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Dosing kiosk

Dosing kiosk


MCL were approached by a manufacturer of dosing systems as an alternative to their current SR3 kiosk supplier for a large, one piece, construction (12m x 4m x 4m). The client also required four smaller standard kiosks for the same project. The kiosk had many additional features:- Removable Roof, Chemical Containment, Removable Sill on Double Door Set, Fill Point, Partition Wall, Structural Floor, Lifting Solution (capable of lifting 15 tons total weight). MCL manufactured a kiosk to meet the specification in line with LPCB certification to Level 3. It was delivered in one piece to the client’s address where it was fitted with the customers own control gear and further electrics prior to being delivered to the end customer. The kiosk was delivered in line with the customer quality, price and delivery expectations. The client was happy with the kiosk and will be placing additional business with MCL.