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LPCB Security rating

MCL recognise that the majority of the kiosks and enclosures we manufacture are designed to house and protect equipment that, if tampered with, could be potentially dangerous. Restricting access to a bore-hole pump which supplies fresh water to a city or town, for example, is essential. In most contract specifications the security rating of the kiosk/enclosure is a vital part of our customer’s design.

LPCB is part of BRE Global. It is an independent third party approvals body offering certification of fire, security and sustainable products and services to an international market. We are currently certified to LPCB SR3 and SR4 and are listed within the LPCB Red Book, to achieve this prestigious approval our products are rigorously tested and our manufacturing sites are annually audited.

We manufacture a number of additional features which can be incorporated into your kiosk’s design without compromising the LPCB SR3 or SR4 rating including:

  • Partitioning wall to allow for a control panel compartment
  • Sliding hatch max 1.5x1.5 clear opening
  • Ventilation
  • Gas tight enclosures
  • Partitioning walls
  • GRP or steel door sets
  • Removable roof
  • Removable sill
  • Catflap (cable access door)
  • Brick effect finish